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Disclaimer: As usual, I am not to be held responsible or liable for any damages that any of my fancams may cause. Any attempts to throw yourself at your computer screen are completely on your own accord and will not be held against me, the horrible fancamist. 8D

Additionally, I'd like to take a moment to apologize for the blurriness of the camera in several of these videos. I was way too distracted looking at the live, breathing figures on the stage and wasn't paying much attention to what my camera was doing. XDD

With this said, please enjoy. It's taken me forever to upload these videos, and I'd be very sad if after all this work, no one enjoyed my post. :(

The fun begins. :D

In my previous post, I mentioned the pre-concert excitement everyone was feeling, and I'd like to emphasize just how hyped up the crowd was by showing you a video of the mexican wave we all did in the concert arena.

This fancam was not shot by me, unfortunately, because I was running around at the time trying to find SHINee glowing bracelets and distributing them to my surroundings. XD But, you can see from the video just how amazing European fans are.

Credit: thepretorian

We had a Swedish friend who was in charge of distributing the glow bracelets, and I got a handful of them from her to share with my immediate surroundings. They disappeared instantly, and I actually handed out my own bracelet too because I wasn't paying attention to the amount in my hand. XD So I had to run back to our friend to get one more before I got back to my seat.

About as soon as I sat down, the lights went out in the hall and the entire concert arena erupted into wild screams. I cannot even begin to tell you the wide rage of emotions that I was feeling right at that moment; it was like a mix of euphoria and anxiety. XD

It started off with an introduction.MORE UNDER THE CUT. YEAH, MAKING YOU CLICK IT. 8DCollapse )
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16 June 2011 @ 01:32 pm

Go, go, go! :D
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Disclaimer: Before I begin retelling the experience that was SMTown Paris, I'd like to mention that any fancams that I post are most likely going to contain somewhat bad sound quality, a lot of extremely loud screaming and shrieking, and an overly hyperactive, excited and high Sae.

I am not to be held liable for any damages that my shrieking might incur, nor for any possible damages that may be caused by your random attempts to throw yourself at the screen after seeing some of these performances.

With that said, I hope you enjoy reading, watching, listening and most of all, I love you all... please, don't hate me. XD ♥

Pre-concert jitters~

I mentioned how we didn't get around to leaving the hotel room until almost 5PM on June 10th. We were supposed to pick up our glow bracelets at 5:30PM at the latest, and our goodie bags from 6PM. The concert itself was set to start at 7:30PM, so needless to say, I felt incredibly stressed at this point. I just wanted to get to the concert hall and meet my wonderful livejournal friends so we could spazz together.

I also knew that the lines would be absolutely ridiculous.

We had lunimag 's concert ticket because she purchased it from us, so I was texting her the same time I was trying to get my ass over to the concert hall. Finding her was incredibly difficult, because of the massive amount of fans standing outside the concert hall. But with a little bit of luck and desperation, we finally managed to find one another and Luni quickly joined us while we went to take our place at the very end of the line.

The line was humongous. It was actually split into two; the one right outside the concert hall, then another one a little further away from its end with a large space in between where security guards would carefully usher smaller groups forward to the bigger line.

It was raining, it was kind of chilly and there were a lot of excitement in the air. In the picture below to the right, you can see some of the line and how long it really was, despite the blurriness of the photo.

I was actually standing on my tip-toes and reaching up as high as I could (my arm was straight up in the air, right hand holding the camera at the tip of my fingers) with my camera to take this picture, which is why it ended up blurry. I seriously couldn't see over the people around me, and the thousands and thousands of umbrellas didn't make things better. XD Short Sae is short!

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27 March 2010 @ 03:40 pm

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